Gornistoccle, Kvetchacolli, Schlamelmanella, Tukishtollitis and Scmoozlavitis! Whatever could these be!?! Just some real bad viruses that can give you the Sweezes…

The Snot-Gobbler is an exciting, new, family-friendly puppet show from Chocolate Lantern Theatre Company and Navi Collaborative (BALLS, THE DUMMY). Join Morgan from Kidzone and the cast and crew of The Snot-Gobbler at 11am on the 18th and 19th of February on a hunt for ingredients!

Gotten-Gitten Von-Schnauzelburger, played by Ashton Brown (FUNNY GIRLS, POWER RANGERS) and his unwitting sidekick, Robot Boy (Tyler Brailey - POP UP GLOBE 2016), think they finally have the perfect virus recipe that will help to wipe the enduring smiles from the Petal families faces once and for all...but do they really…?

Created by Nicci Reuben and Ross Goffin, expect oodles of snot, sloppy, gloop covered fun and comedy. Catch this special, interactive performance for FREE (ticketed) at Auckland Live’s Summer in the Square.