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The Coffee Date

The Coffee Date

We are so grateful to the donors that have supported our campaign thus far. I know we say that a lot, but trust me, we can't say it enough. 

I'll keep todays blog short and sweet because the message is simple: If every one of the 1000 + people who have liked the Navi page were to essentially buy us a latte, The Snot-Gobbler would be more then fully funded. At this point we are at 40% of our funding, which is exciting, but (and it's a big but) if we don't reach our full funding goal ($5000) we won't get anything that we have managed to raise. 

 The past two weeks we have talked about how $5000.00 will allow us to:

  • Pay our actors
  • Build our remaining puppets
  • Reinforce and repair our currently built ones
  • Costume our puppets and actors
  • Lay a financial foundation for our other 2017 projects

It will also allow us to:

  • Hold a free puppet workshop for kids at Te Pou
  • Support a local organization/charity
  • Cover the cost of our marketing materials
  • Cover the rate of our Composer
  • Pay our Technicians
  • Cover the cost of our set
  • Cover the cost of our rehearsal space
  • Support us taking The Snot-Gobbler to another venue

If these are goals that you can get behind, then please send a fiver our way.

ALL IT TAKES IS A LATTE...well a few latte's but still just one latte per person....

ALL IT TAKES IS A LATTE...well a few latte's but still just one latte per person....

This year our Navi Facebook page ticked over 1000 page likes, 1,082 to be exact! 

Which means....if each person who has liked our page were to donate the price of an average latte, $5.50, then Navi would not only achieve our funding goal but we would exceed it. 

I used to think that if I donated just $5.00 to something it wasn't making much of a difference but last year (through crowd funding) I learned the power of a fiver. 

So, that is all we are asking today. Please consider "buying us a latte" and help us #FundTheMagic in 2017