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Imagination For Free!

Imagination For Free!

We are thrilled to once again be a part of Te Pou's Rangatahi season! 

The Rangatahi Festival is for emerging artists and shows that are in development. This will be our development season of The Snot-Gobbler, and we are looking forward to the wealth of knowledge that we will gain from our first run. We are also so appreciative of all that the Te Pou team does to support the artists who enter their space. We are excited to be amongst creatives who are creating unique work and exploring topics that might be overlooked by other venues.

One of our dreams for our season at Te Pou, is to be able to run a free workshop for children who are inspired by the magic of our puppets and set. We would love to able to stoke their imaginations and help them create a Robot Boy or a character of their own. We want to spread the love and possibilities of story telling to kids now because we believe that imagination isn't just for artists, it is an incredible asset for everyone, no matter what they end up doing in life.

In order to run a workshop we will need to be able to provide building and crafting materials. We always do our best to resource our programs with found and recycled materials but there are just some materials like: glue, child friendly paints, and markers, that add to our budget. Please help us spread the love of Story Telling by donating to our Boosted Campaign today.