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Cultivating Isn't For The Faint Hearted

Cultivating Isn't For The Faint Hearted

Gardens are beautiful things. Flower gardens for obvious reasons, and vegetable gardens because there is a lot of promise in them. Promise of a full stomach. Promise of healthy eating. When I walk through a garden or a well curated field of grains or corn I often forget about the sweat and even blood that probably went into the cultivation of that particular harvest. Cultivating, Nurturing, these words bring a certain gentleness to my mind. I think of ladies in sun hats dropping seeds from colorful envelops into mounds of rich dark soil, or of farmers walking through their rows of corn, relaxed with a long piece of grass between their teeth. I think of mothers nursing....but these images are only a part of the reality of what it is to grow, cultivate and nurture. 

So often it's a trial, a struggle to bring about healthy flowers or a bountiful harvest. So many factors have to line up. You have to have the right soil. You have to have enough rain or the appropriate irrigation systems. The weather has to be on your side. You have to make sure that you can keep the bugs and the birds out of it, and the seed, THE SEEDS, they have to germinate. When you are cultivating you have to dig deep, work hard, sweat a lot, and have faith that all of your hard work will pay off while you struggle against or try to get along with the elements, the unanticipated that you have very little control over. Gardening/ isn't for the faint hearted and neither is the world of theatre, of art. 

When I envisioned a year of cultivating and nurturing for Navi I had in mind this gentle year, but we are trying to cultivate something fulfilling and substantial and of course it isn't going to be easy. I just have to have faith in the harvest. I have to imagine what all of this digging in the soil will eventually lead to. I have to hold onto the promise of what we (Navi) are cultivating.




Auditions POV

Auditions POV

Navi Collaborative believes that auditioning is an integral process in a healthy theatre scene. With this belief firmly in place we hold auditions for each and every project that we have. Most recently we held auditions for our upcoming production of Precious Little. Core member, Courtney Eggleton, took some time to sit down and pen out some of her thoughts on the experience from behind the casting table.

"This was the second time I’d sat on the other side of the audition table and it’s amazing to me how much I was fighting for each and every auditionee. Usually when I’m the one auditioning I am so scared, “what if I mess it all up?”, “what if I’m not good enough?”, “what if I forget my lines?”, “what if they just don’t like me” etc.… I was beyond impressed with each woman that came through our audition room door. Each was prepared, confident and talented. Casting our show was certainly not an easy task and I only wished we were casting a show for ten women not three.

We opened our auditions to the masses and were inundated with responses, specifically for our character in her 40s. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of talent coming through and the passion they all shared for language. Come audition day we had a few pull out but the remaining women were astonishing.  It can be such a frightening experience stepping in front of a panel and these women did not disappoint us. They brought their expertise, strong choices and enthusiasm with them.

I found myself fighting for all of the auditionees. There was something so special about all of them that the overall casting decision seemed impossible. Through much discussion between the team we decided that we would cancel our callback auditions as we were confident that we could cast the show from this initial round. We had tossed up the idea that we would pit possible A’s against possible B’s. What we discovered through this process was that we had clear winners in our heads and felt as if we’d be wasting people’s time if it felt this clear here and now. So we slept on it. We woke up and we were still feeling the same.

From finding the play in 2016, pitching it to Navi in 2017, and auditioning in 2018, I have found such joy in women supporting and empowering other women.

·     Madeleine George, the playwright, is a talented and acclaimed American writer. I am thrilled to be bringing her work to New Zealand shores.

·      The Navi team currently consists of four core wonderful women and I am so thankful for their guidance and encouragement

·      Our director, Patricia Wichman, is a wonderfully talented and warm-hearted individual that slots so beautifully into our team. I am thrilled to be working with her and

With this team of warrior women behind it, Precious Little, will be a force to be seen, you definitely won’t want to miss out!

ALSO, we’re happy to announce that Catherine Maunsell has been cast in the role of A (Ape, Dorothy, Cleva and Baby) and Jessi Williams in the role of B (Sarah Brodie)."

-Courtney Eggleton