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Cultivating Isn't For The Faint Hearted

Cultivating Isn't For The Faint Hearted

Gardens are beautiful things. Flower gardens for obvious reasons, and vegetable gardens because there is a lot of promise in them. Promise of a full stomach. Promise of healthy eating. When I walk through a garden or a well curated field of grains or corn I often forget about the sweat and even blood that probably went into the cultivation of that particular harvest. Cultivating, Nurturing, these words bring a certain gentleness to my mind. I think of ladies in sun hats dropping seeds from colorful envelops into mounds of rich dark soil, or of farmers walking through their rows of corn, relaxed with a long piece of grass between their teeth. I think of mothers nursing....but these images are only a part of the reality of what it is to grow, cultivate and nurture. 

So often it's a trial, a struggle to bring about healthy flowers or a bountiful harvest. So many factors have to line up. You have to have the right soil. You have to have enough rain or the appropriate irrigation systems. The weather has to be on your side. You have to make sure that you can keep the bugs and the birds out of it, and the seed, THE SEEDS, they have to germinate. When you are cultivating you have to dig deep, work hard, sweat a lot, and have faith that all of your hard work will pay off while you struggle against or try to get along with the elements, the unanticipated that you have very little control over. Gardening/ isn't for the faint hearted and neither is the world of theatre, of art. 

When I envisioned a year of cultivating and nurturing for Navi I had in mind this gentle year, but we are trying to cultivate something fulfilling and substantial and of course it isn't going to be easy. I just have to have faith in the harvest. I have to imagine what all of this digging in the soil will eventually lead to. I have to hold onto the promise of what we (Navi) are cultivating.






Welcome to Navi's 2018!

We named 2017 for change and boy did we see it! There were changes in the Navi core, changes in our audience reach, and changes in the world around us. We found ourselves changing personally and socially and while much of that change was rewarding, none of it came easy. Navi left 2017 excited but exhausted from a year of eruptions, and now here we are.

In 2018 we are looking to cultivate and nurture our passions, ourselves, our communities, and the culture that we want to create. We are putting on our metaphorical gardening gloves and getting into the soil that a year of eruption and change produced to make sure that in 2018 we grow the things that we want to see in ourselves and in the world. We are so excited about the work that we are producing and developing this year and about the plans that we have made to cultivate more collaboration. 

We hope we will see you at auditions, at our workshops, at our shows, and at other events in the theatre community. Come get amongst Navi and #CultivateYourPassion. 




Our Boosted Campaign is launched, and we hope that you will consider helping us #FundTheMagic!

By Donating to our Boosted Campaign you will be aiding us in three very specific goals:

  1. Creating the best production of The Snot-Gobbler that we possibly can without putting our company into debt.
  2. Paying our actors, designers, and technicians a wage, which they deserve as professional practitioners.
  3. Creating a financial foundation for Navi in 2017.

So many of our friends, families, and fans donated to our 2016 Boosted campaign and by doing so they allowed Navi to accomplish so many awesome projects and to be a part of creating professional opportunities in Auckland last year. At the end of 2017 we would love to be able to say the same thing! 

For more information about how you can help us #FundTheMagic this year and to donate please visit: