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Welcome to Navi's 2018!

We named 2017 for change and boy did we see it! There were changes in the Navi core, changes in our audience reach, and changes in the world around us. We found ourselves changing personally and socially and while much of that change was rewarding, none of it came easy. Navi left 2017 excited but exhausted from a year of eruptions, and now here we are.

In 2018 we are looking to cultivate and nurture our passions, ourselves, our communities, and the culture that we want to create. We are putting on our metaphorical gardening gloves and getting into the soil that a year of eruption and change produced to make sure that in 2018 we grow the things that we want to see in ourselves and in the world. We are so excited about the work that we are producing and developing this year and about the plans that we have made to cultivate more collaboration. 

We hope we will see you at auditions, at our workshops, at our shows, and at other events in the theatre community. Come get amongst Navi and #CultivateYourPassion.