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A Girl On A Mission.

A Girl On A Mission.

Ross and Nicci have created a very strong and determined Heroine for The Snot-Gobbler and we are super proud to bring this pint sized role model to the stage! 

Rosie is one of five puppets that are still in the process of being made; as she mentioned she still needs a few bits and bobs before she is ready for our premiere. Like all of our puppets, Rosie took many hours of Ross's life just to get to where she is now. Here are a few of the materials that we still need to source in order for Rosie to be completed:

  • Hair
  • More padding (polystyrene)
  • tights
  • shorts
  • braces
  • a shirt
  • shoes
  • her hat tailored to fit
  • goggles

Rosie also has a kit that she takes with her to challenge Gotten-Gitten, a few things we would like to include in it:

  • A back pack
  • An arrow head
  • Silly string
  • Water Balloons
  • Rope
  • A torch

Navi and Chocolate Lantern are committed to creating work that empowers young girls and by helping us #FundTheMagic you won't just be providing materials for our puppet and set, you will also be partnering with us in inspiring the next generation of women.