A couple of weekends ago I got to co-write and co-direct a film for the first time. It has been a dream of mine for quite a while now, and I am so grateful with my tiny experience that Navi gave me the chance to do it.

And yes it was just for 48 hours, but also it was for 48HOURS! As in the first time I try this, we have to get it all done and dusted over a weekend. That’s it. I have dubbed it my baptism by fire into the world of directing film. And IT. WAS. AWESOME. I am an actor by training, and am weekly in classes where I have to give feedback and watch the actors process a lot - so when it’s down to getting a good performance from an actor - especially the gorgeous Dawn Glover and Courtney Eggleton - I was in my element. But it was really all the camera stuff that was an eye-opener. I had opinions about shots and got into all sorts of compromising positions alongside my co-director Joshua Baty and our DOP Trajano Leydet - up on ladders so I could see the screen, down on the floor to get our overhead shot, and balancing on beds trying not to topple over on our lead actress.

The thing I love about performing arts, but especially film is that its a collaboration. And in this competition there is no room for ego, you are all there together, down in the trenches, trying to get the best result you can. And it’s full of long waits until you are wound up so tightly you are ready to spring into action than its go time. 

All in all it was a fantastic way to spend a weekend, especially when it’s with my creative family at Navi. You’d have thought we’d want to rip each others heads off by the end it, but instead its how I’d spend every weekend if I could. Bring on next year, you couldn’t keep me away!

- Prema Cottingham