We dream, we build, we relax, we have some fun…rinse and repeat.


Navi began with a purpose and a dream for that purpose and each year we have set aside time to revisit those dreams. It’s a practice that has kept us creating beyond the often illusive nature of inspiration, it has kept us disciplined and it has kept us honest. 2019 hasn’t been an easy year thus far, choosing to focus on the harvest has proven to be heartbreaking and dream threatening at times; it’s a bit of a gut check to know how hard you work and then to not always see that work grow into what you dreamt it might. BUT when you don’t get the harvest you were expecting, the responsible farmer doesn’t sell the farm, they simply examine their process and try again.

So, its back to our lovely retreat in Kinloch. A place where we face one another and we face our future. A place where we heal in hot mineral pools and energize ourselves through play. What will the rest of 2019 hold for Navi? What are our dreams for 2020? How will we build and grow? These are the questions that our annual retreat gives us time to answer. Our harvest hasn’t proven to be as abundant as we had hoped but we’re not selling the farm, we’re just going to figure out how to plant and grow better!

In this time of dreaming and building we hold two things to be certain: we want our collaborations to continue to include artists outside of our small family and we will be community facing. We are here to hear from you, to meet and work with the artists of Auckland, so please reach out. We see you. We want to know you. We want to create with you.