Team work, 80’s ballads, larping gear, Flossing, Anime runs, more cans of V then we would like to admit, and all of our supporters….

is what it took to make this past weekend the success that it was. I don’t think I could feel prouder of our team or more grateful for our friends and collaborators then I do right now.

On Friday night at 7 pm Courtney and I (and the internet) found out our genre, and by the time C and I were back at our Head Quarters/set (Josh’s flat) our writers already has a solid idea in place. We did less then one hour of tweaking and off our writers (Josh and Prema Cottingham) went. By Saturday morning we were filming (with Trajano Leydet behind the camera) and we kept filming, all the way through 2 am Sunday morning. Editing started at 4 am Sunday morning (Di Davenport is a champ), and then at 15 minutes to the deadline C and I jumped in her car so that C could race us to the venue for the delivery of our completed film! We crossed the “finish line” at four minutes to 7. It was a fantastically fun weekend of “Furious Film Making.”

We have so many people to thank:

The Flatties at 55 Waiohua rd, Di and Josh’s employer, Prema Cottingham, Di Davenport, Mario Hernandez, Joy Lee, Trajano Leydet, Steven Logan, Philip Nannestad, Ian Pearce, Emilie Rousseau, Kacie Stetson, and the stray cat that we named “Medusa.”

Most of all we have to thank all of you who donated to our most recent Boosted Campaign. Your donations not only helped us bring (on) WHATIPU to life, they also helped us cover the near $500.00 that it cost to make this weekend and our short film happen. At the end of every Navi creative day, you guys are our hero’s.

We will find out in the near future how we did and we can’t wait to tell you more about our little film. Regardless of if we place or win anything I am chuffed, not with just the fact that we made a solid first effort film to compete with, but that we did it respecting and loving one another all the way through. There was no drama on our set, there were no let downs, just a group of people showing up with all of their talent and love and patience to make some art; may we always work like we did this weekend.