Expecting abundance isn’t something that most of us in the arts have been taught to do, but why shouldn’t we?

In 2007 I auditioned with well over a thousand other actors for different universities across the United States and abroad. We hopeful grad students and a large number of prominent universities had gathered in one hotel in Chicago to take a chance on our collective futures. I remember the rush and the adrenaline of being in that space and time and I also vividly recall the first thing that the administrators of the event said to us: “if you can see your self being happy doing anything else with your life, go do that. A life in the arts is full of hardship.” I remember being decidedly undeterred at the time, but those words and the many similar utterances of them that I heard throughout the theatrical journeys of my 20’s did stick with me; I recently realized that they shaped a very negative view of my expectations of a fulfilling life in the arts.

This year myself and the rest of the Navi team have decided to call “BULLSHIT” on that train of thought! Why is it that in every other career that you can get a college education for your are taught to expect success, but in the arts you are taught to be prepared for and hope for a stroke of luck. Sure, every life endeavor has it’s share of hardships and moments of inadequate compensation, but in no other field have I seen such a blatant acceptance of futility. I for one do not believe that living out your passion begets futility, I believe that living out your passions begets abundance, and so this year I am choosing to believe that the heart and work that we (Navi) put into cultivating our ethos and our projects in 2018 is going to pay off in a full artistic harvest in 2019. I hope that you will believe in that too. I hope that you will not hesitate to receive your mighty harvest from the universe just because we have been told to expect only hardship. I hope that when you receive your artistic harvest you will not chalk it up to luck but acknowledge the effort that you put into growing the creative life that you want.

Here’s to an abundant harvest in 2019!