When I think about all that our friends, families, and fans have helped us accomplish over the last five years I honestly always get a bit choked up. Your giving spirits always leave me humbled in the best way.

Your generosity has allowed us to make art that has explored the human experience; from depression to the intricacies of communication and back again. Your support has allowed us to pay stipends to at least 20 actors and provide professional opportunities to visual artists, film makers, theatre designers and operators, musicians, and photographers. By investing in us you have made it possible for us to share our earnings with important local charities and to hold open workshops and rehearsals for our communities and local schools. In short your donations have allowed us to chase fulfillment, change landscapes, cultivate our passions, and this year as we focus on our harvest we know that we won’t standing in abundance without all of you.

All this to say that It is time for our annual Boosted campaign. This year your donation will help us fund our current project (on) WHATIPU and lay a financial foundation for developing new works over the course of this year. We know that economically times are tough which is why we want you to know that your donation, no matter how small, will be exactly what we need and we promise that it will go a long way.

With love and gratitude,

Dawn and The Navi Team