Last evening (the 6th of Sep) we opened our play, Balls, for the second time in two years. And what an opening it was! I felt such gratitude and pride as I watched Josh lock up the Off-Broadway theatre a long while after the last member of the audience has departed. 

Balls, in the world of Navi, is a "Toddler Project."  In 2016 it became the second company created piece, and this year is has officially become the first show in what will eventually be our Navi "Catalogue." Over the past two months Josh has taken the first full length play that he has written and made it his first show to direct, and I think for a first time Director (with no official training in the art of Directing) he did a damn fine job. 

Last night was also history making for Navi, as we had the largest opening night audience in our young Collaborative's life. The energy in the space was delicious and invigorating. I was thrilled to hear the roar of laughter and the sharp intakes of breath as the show moved from one beat to another. 

As our Navi Team sat in the theatre afterwards I felt so much love for each of our members. Each member of Navi has worked hard to get Balls to Papakura and what's more we did it while loving and supporting one another through all of the inevitable ups and downs of a show process. We still don't have everything down perfectly, but we are growing. I can see our growth and it that makes me feel joyful and inspired to keep going and revealing what our Collab, our creative family, can do