It's Morgan's Birthday!!! We love our Morgan! She is our passionate, compassionate, generous, and bubbly Navi Co-founder and she has a lil' Boosted message for all of you.

For The Snot-Gobbler Morgan is keeping herself busy by assisting in marketing, running our car boot sale (Next Sunday the 19th of March) and just being an awesome and patient all around assistant. I want to mention here, that she is (like all of the Navi core team) doing all of this work without any form of renumeration. Our Navi team is driven by passion and by having the opportunity to do projects with the support of several people. Our only "pay" comes in being able to use the money our Boosted Campaign and ticket sales bring in to fund our work. 

We hope that you will consider helping us reach our Boosted goals so that we can bring the magic that Morgan is talking about to the stage. We only have 17 days left to reach $5000.00 and all it will take to get us there is each of our friends sending a fiver our way. If you do donate today please write "Happy Birthday Morgan!" in the message/comment box.