We are so grateful to the donors that have supported our campaign thus far. I know we say that a lot, but trust me, we can't say it enough. 

I'll keep todays blog short and sweet because the message is simple: If every one of the 1000 + people who have liked the Navi page were to essentially buy us a latte, The Snot-Gobbler would be more then fully funded. At this point we are at 40% of our funding, which is exciting, but (and it's a big but) if we don't reach our full funding goal ($5000) we won't get anything that we have managed to raise. 

 The past two weeks we have talked about how $5000.00 will allow us to:

  • Pay our actors
  • Build our remaining puppets
  • Reinforce and repair our currently built ones
  • Costume our puppets and actors
  • Lay a financial foundation for our other 2017 projects

It will also allow us to:

  • Hold a free puppet workshop for kids at Te Pou
  • Support a local organization/charity
  • Cover the cost of our marketing materials
  • Cover the rate of our Composer
  • Pay our Technicians
  • Cover the cost of our set
  • Cover the cost of our rehearsal space
  • Support us taking The Snot-Gobbler to another venue

If these are goals that you can get behind, then please send a fiver our way.