Navi Collaborative is a big fan of Tyler Brailey! We met Tyler at our open auditions for Gruesome Playground Injuries (Sep 2016) and are delighted to be able to work with him once again. Tyler is a Story Teller through and through and we admire his commitment to and love for the theatre. Tyler has brought a wonderful energy to Robot Boy and in each rehearsal he finds more ways to make our love-able bad boy just that much more love-able.   

In this video Tyler talks about the importance of Story Telling and we 100% agree with him. Despite it's snot and slime The Snot-Gobbler is really a story about love and hope and an emotion that we all face at some point, grief. In the adult world we often forget that children too experience loss and grief. It could be a seemingly small loss, like loosing a much loved Teddy Bear, to something life changing, like watching a parent struggle with cancer; age does not protect them from these experiences. By telling the story of The Snot-Gobbler we hope to create a safe environment and experience for children and families to be able to witness our characters coping (or not coping) with the experience of grief and perhaps open the door for families to be able to have a conversation about this common life experience. 

This campaign not only gives us the opportunity to tell our Snot-Gobbler story but will also lay a financial foundation for the other stories we have chosen to tell this year. If you also believe in the importance of telling stories and want to see our stories told then please become one of our awesome donors.