We think that Robot Boy is the cutest mechanical sidekick to ever roll across the stage and we believe the kids will think so too!

Robot Boy is our most complete puppet. A hodge podge of parts, the crafting of Robot Boy was all about finding the right gadgets to bring him to life, and Designer Ross Goffin and actor Tyler Brailey have been doing a fantastic job of making our plays unwitting bad boy into a crowd favorite. Here's a few materials that went into making this little tin man:

  • one headlight
  • two light sabers
  • one tin box
  • two shower hoses
  • one meter
  • Four Wheels
  • Two torches
  • other car parts
  • screws & bolts
  • Wires galore
  • Batteries
  • Cans of Spray Paint
  • Foam

As with Gotten-Gitten, Ross has put loads of time into Robot Boy, from initial design concept to completion. By donating to our Boosted campaign, you will not only allow us to cover the materials we have already used, you will also enable us to manage the upkeep up of his parts and paint, and perhaps add a few more bells and whistles (magic) to his design. As Robot Boy mentioned, we are doing double duty on costumes for this show. We not only need to costume GG and Rosie, we also need to costume our four actors. We have come up with a very simple (aka affordable) concept for our actor's costumes, but every little bit costs money and so every donation helps in more ways then you can perhaps imagine. Please consider helping us #FundTheMagic.