We are just 7 days out from the end of our Boosted Campaign!

How will you be helping us "Change The Landscape," by donating to The Snot-Gobbler? Your support will allow us to:

  • Present a strong female hero
  • Present a strong and "older" female sidekick
  • Broach the topic of grief and loss in a way that is accessible to children; who will experience these things at some point int their lives and often while they are young.
  • Provide a performance for children with special and specific needs.
  • Sale our tickets at a rate that is "doable" for a wider range of of families.
  • Give a free workshop that will encourage the creativity and imagination of the children who attend.
  • Get closer to our goal of paying artist at a rate that reflects the value of their work. 

These are just a few of our goals as Navi, and if these are things that you can get behind, then please consider helping The Snot-Gobbler become a fully funded project.