As you probably know by now, Nicci Reuben is the creator of The Snot-Gobbler. We (as Navi) are so proud of her and this magical story that she has imagineered into life along with her partner, Ross Goffin. 

We know that we have spent the last month asking our family and friends for money, and please believe us when we say that doing a fundraiser is one of the most intense and humbling experiences you can have; I think we all know that having to ask someone for money, even family, is often awkward at best. But at the end of the day, we need our family and friends to achieve our dreams, and not just monetarily, we need you to see our work, we need to know that we can use our creative side and successfully communicate with it to those the we love and respect. I can't really say any of this better then Nicci has in her video, so I hope that you will give it a watch and that you will consider helping us #FundTheMagic. We only have one week left to reach our funding goal.