This week we have been talking about our Hero, Rosie Petal!

Rosie (played by Dawn Glover) is a nine year old girl who has already come face to face with some huge tragedy. Her big brother, and at that point favorite person in the world, Henry was killed in a car accident when she was seven. This of course sent her family reeling, but the Petal's chose to navigate through their grief by remembering Henry with love and by caring for one another even more then they had before. It wasn't too long before Jasper was born and Rosie went from having been a little sister to being a big sister and she is determined to be the best big sister possible! She is also doubly fierce in her protection of Jasper's smile because her mother's smile hasn't been seen much since Jasper was born, and though Rosie isn't quite sure what's happening with her mother she has a feeling it has to do with Henry, whom she notices her parents speak of less and less. When Jasper's smile is swiped by The Snot-Gobbler Rosie knows that she has to go and get it back! However, Rosie is a bit scared of Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger and his old creepy house. With some encouragement from her newly discovered sidekick, Tarantula, Rosie learns that being brave isn't about not being afraid, but that bravery is an act of facing fear head on. 

We are so excited to bring Rosie's story to the stage and thrilled to announce that our community focus for our premiere season of The Snot-Gobbler is The Grief Centre. Since each of our four characters are dealing with some form of loss we felt that our production of The Snot-Gobbler provides us with a great opportunity to give support and appreciation to an organization that helps people navigate grief on a day to day basis. We have committed to giving the Grief Centre 10% of the ticket sales from one of our productions but we would love to do more. If we are able to reach our Boosted funding goals we would be able to offer a bigger donation to The Grief Centre. If you would like to partner with us in supporting The Grief Centre and help us #FundTheMagic please click below.