This week we have introduced you to Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger. It is fitting that he was the first puppet we introduced you to because he was the first character of The Snot-Gobbler that Nicci and Ross dreamt up.


Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger used to be a man of the people, the loving husband of Mary, and the happy father of Robot Boy. He and Mary had long wanted a child of their own but they were not able to conceive and so Gotten-Gitten made her Robot Boy. Mary was delighted with her son and soon filled her days with dotting on him and taking him on adventures to the park. However, one day Mary and Robot Boy returned from the park with one broken robot arm and a very poorly Mary. Mary took to her bed and never got back up. From that day forward Gotten-Gitten was filled with a dark grief that drove him to his lab. There he would make potions that could make the rest of the world as rotten as he felt inside and an old dirty rag that could wipe the smiles off of peoples faces. 

As we mentioned yesterday, a lot has gone into the process of creating Gotten-Gitten, and today we would like to share with you what his creation has looked like thus far and ask you once again to help us #FundTheMagic