Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger wasn't always rotten but he is now and he needs you to financially support his plan to "rid the world of smiles!"

We couldn't be more chuffed to have such a great "baddy" to bring to Te Pou in April. Our Gotten-Gitten has a story that is years in the making and a body that has taken since the end of last year to build and well...he ain't a cheap old guy. Materials for Gotten-Gitten have included:

  • Clay
  • Plywood
  • Polystyrene
  • Cord
  • Resine
  • Leather
  • Paints
  • Screws
  • Tailored costume items (to fit his special puppet frame)

On top of materials Gotten-Gitten has required perhaps the most valuable item, time. Designer Ross Goffin has logged intense hours making each of our puppets and he's done this around a full time job. Gotten-Gitten also requires a puppeteer and we are so excited to be working with Ashton Brown who is also spending loads of time and sharing all of his talent. 

We would be so blessed if you would consider helping us make sure that both Ross and Ashton receive the renumeration that they deserve for time spent and jobs well done, and that Gotten-Gitten is able to be made with materials that will last us through this run of The Snot-Gobbler and through seasons and festivals to come.