OLIVIA KALEB could tell you things that would blow your mind and break your heart if only it weren’t for your insistence that she be positive…

Navi Collaborative and The Dummy: Positivity as a Pacifier

In 2015 Navi made it’s debut in The Auckland Fringe Festival at The Basement Theatre. The Dummy was a multimedia Performance Installation that took a raw look at suicidal depression through the worldview of a young woman named Olivia Kaleb. Conceived by Navi co-founder, Dawn Glover, The Dummy was created to explore how negative the insistence of “positivity” can be and to debate the popular opinion of suicide as purely “selfish act.”

When someone is living in a burning building, how can you fault him or her for choosing to jump out a window instead of suffering the flames?

Creator/Director: Dawn Glover

Cast: Morgan Bradley (Olivia Kaleb), Robert Hartley (Him), Grace Lam (Violinist)

Crew: Manali Bhatia (Producer + Marketing + Set), Claire Ahuriri (Stage Manager + Tech), Joshua Baty (Production support)

Special Thanks to Brodie Thompson, Nick Knoll, Miguel Efondo, Alice Fitzgerald, Lachlan Justice, Rhys Collier, Grae Burton, Nancy Shroder, Pa’sh Gibbes, Arthur Gay, Mario Hernandez, The Basement Team, Auckland Fringe, and to all who lent your voices.

The beauty of Fringe Festivals is that amongst the wealth of different performances there may be one or even two shows that do more than just ‘speak’ to the audiences – they reverberate with the intensity of a domino effect. The Dummy: Positivity as a Pacifier definitely is one of those must-see shows
— Dione Joseph

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