The Snot-Gobbler is a magical, witty, linguistic, SLIME covered story encompassing the oft-avoided conversation about how children have to sometimes cope with serious illness and loss at the heart of it. Gotten-Gitten Von Schnauzelburger is a man made miserable by the grief of having lost the love of his life, Mary. His sadness is so great that he begins to find the joy and laughter of others, especially children, unbearable. With the unwitting help of Robot Boy, Gotten-Gitten turns his intelligence to creating viruses, which produce large amounts of snot so that his Snot-Gobbler can then wipe the smiles off children’s faces.

Rosie Petal, the hero of our story is a nine-year-old girl who hasn’t spent a day ill in her life despite Gotten-Gitten’s best efforts. However, she and her family have had heart breaking days due to the tragic loss of her older brother. Despite their grief the Petals are a family that has chosen to look for love, joy, and hope in one another and in the world around them. When The Snot-Gobbler manages to steal the smile of Rosie’s younger brother, she knows that she must go and get it back! Rosie, is brave but every hero needs a sidekick and Rosie finds hers in the form of an old she Spy-der, Tarantula, with a particular love for fermented potato juice and an omnipotent knowledge of the heartache that Gotten-Gitten, Rosie, and Robot Boy are all attempting to cope with in their own way. The story culminates into a harrowing adventure with an ending that leaves the audience on its toes and possibly covered in snot…we mean slime!

Navi Collaborative & The Snot-Gobbler:

The Snot-Gobbler is the creation of Navi core member, Nicci Reuben, and her partner, Ross Goffin. The Snot-Gobbler also marks Navi's first official theatrical collaboration. Being involved with this show not only gave Navi the opportunity to show our continued commitment to creating magical and professional work, but it was also the debut production for Chocolate Lantern Theatre Company.

The Snot-Gobbler finished it's Development Season in April 2017. Chocolate Lantern is making plans for a reboot in 2018. 

Playwright: Nicci Reuben
Puppets + Set Design: Ross Goffin
Producer: simone Szybowski
Director: Nicci Reuben
Original Score: Andrew Thorne
lighting: michael Craven
Costume: Dawn Glover

Cast: Tyler Brailey (Robot Boy), Ashton Brown (Gotten-Gitten von schnauzelburger), Dawn Glover (rosie Petal), Jamie Lees (The Snot-Gobbler), Nicci Reuben (Tarantula)

Crew: Joshua BatY (Production Assistant), Morgan Bradley (Stage Manager + Production Assistant)

Special Thanks: Georgia Agnew, Raluca Botezan, Jo Brookbanks, Steven Brookbanks, Grae Burton, Michael Brown, James Chin, Rhys Collier, Simon Eccleston, Courtney Eggleton, Anders Falstie-Jensen, Sarah Gambitsis, Mario Hernandez, Emily Mahy, Te Pou Theatre, The Boosted NZ Team


— Leigh Sykes - Theatreview