Brodie, a gifted linguist, learns unsettling news about the baby she carries.

Unable to get comfort from her girlfriend, she finds it in the two least likely sources imaginable: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language and a gorilla at the local zoo.

Leaping into the nature of language, linguistics and love this is a dark comedy exploring the power of words and what we must create when they’re lacking. Join a cast of three women, nine characters and a gorilla in this intergenerational, and interspecies, look at how humans communicate: its chatter, it’s drive, it’s hunger and it’s longing.


Navi Collaborative and Precious Little

Precious Little, started as a passion project of Courtney Eggleton’s, a little seed that grew into one of our most successful seasons. People say it takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t be more proud of the show we built as a team. Precious Little creates dialogue around disability, sexuality, gender and age. Communicating these messages with audiences and Basement Theatre was a thrilling experience and as a company gave us room to do what we love which is to create art that explores deeply human moments.

Brodie and Dre (Jessi Williams and Courtney Eggleton
Dressing Room Prep

DIRECTOR: Patricia wichman

CAST: catherine maunsell (ape,dorothy, cleva), jessi williams (Sarah brodie), Courtney eggleton (zoogoers, rhiannon, evelyn, dre, gloria)

CREW: courtney eggleton (PRODUCER), dawn glover (SET DESIGN, marketing, navi artistic director), bonnie warner-blackburn + joy lee (production assistants), Amanda tito (LIGHTing design + operation), philip jones (sound design), JOSHUA BATY + nicci reuben (navi core), RALUCA BOTEZAN (photography)

Special Thanks to Raynham Park, The Actors Program, Philip Nannestad, Navi Workshop 2018, Robbie Penny, Kacie Stetson, Deidre Eggleton, Mario Hernandez, Tom Grut, Ahi Karunaharan, Vanessa Crofskey, Basement Team, Newton Café, Garnet Station, NZ Actors Equity, Boosted Donors, Simone Syzbowski, David Eggleton, Suits On Broadway, Horizon Radiology

Precious Little is a thoughtful meditation on life, language and love — and it’s exactly what Auckland theatre needs in the middle of winter.
— Dione Joseph, NZ Herald

Precious Little is full of great character connections and versatile performances from Williams and Eggleton, who energetically create the various scenarios that tell the story of the play. Space is limited, but the set provides an engaging aesthetic – covered in vocabulary from different obscure languages, it serves as a pleasing visual gloss to the play’s test of language.
— Camilla Walker, TheatreScenes

Precious Little is a wonderfully confronting piece of theatre… making full use of the great chemistry of the cast. The full cast of characters were masterfully played by Eggleton and Maunsell, expertly playing a number of complex and distinct personalities.
— Oliver Smith, The Speakeasy

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