(On) Whatipu is a veritable triumph of language, music, puppetry and dance, in what could best be described as a “Ghost Story” with a strong immigration message – A sense of ‘being’ & ‘belonging’ are explored, all colliding upon the windswept shores of West Auckland’s Whatipu Beach -Wal Reid

“What is our song?” she asked.

“Orphans and Bastards don’t have that kind of birthright” he replied.

(on) WHATIPU is a surrealistic and quirky mixed media journey through identity, immigration and grief. Nina encounters her dead relatives on Whatipu beach, the reunion she never expected and isn’t quite sure she wants. She ventures to unearth the skeletons of her past and move on to her future in the hope of finishing the song that she’s been working on for far too long.

Navi Collaborative’s third original play utilizes the magic of puppetry, live music, spoken word and film in an interdisciplinary exploration of self-knowledge. Set on the wild windswept shore of Whatipu, our New Zealand Immigrant digs her toes into the black sand of the long white cloud.

Devised By Navi Collaborative

Writer(s): Dawn Glover & Prema Cottingham

Director(s): Dawn Glover + Prema Cottingham

Producer(s): Courtney Eggleton & Taylor Griffin

Music: Lucas Haugh

Designer(s) & Operator: Michael Crave, Bonnie Warner-Blackburn, and Dawn Glover

Puppets By: Nicci Reuben, Ross Goffin, Ian Pearce, + Chocolate Lantern Theatre Co

DOP & Film Editor: Tom Grut

Production Team: Joshua Baty, Bonnie Warner-Blackburn, Joy Lee

Marketing Team: Joy Lee, Nicci Reuben, Emilie Rousseau

Annabelle Goffin, photo by Joshua Baty

Annabelle Goffin, photo by Joshua Baty


Nina: Dawn Glover

The Artist: Samuel James

The Immigrant: Carla Newton

The Inner Child: Annabelle Goffin

The Mother: Courtney Elizabeth Eggleton

The Musician: Lucas Haugh

The Orphan: Matthew J. Smith

The Whale: Nicci Reuben

The Ensemble: Joshua Baty, Sarah Gallagher, Joy Lee, Ian Pearce, Bonnie Warner Blackburn

Photos By Emilie Rousseau (from our Empire Studios Season)

Image by James Chin

Image by James Chin

Through what I have experienced during the workshop process this project will be/ is something really special.

-Sarah Gallagher

Photos By Emilie Rousseau (from our Uxbridge Arts & Cultural Season)


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We are thrilled to be once again be collaborating with our sister company, Chocolate Lantern (The Snot-Gobbler). Chocolate Lantern Theatre Company is a professional puppet theatre with a focus on imaginative and magical creations for kids 3-100 years old. Along with their original Theatre creations, Chocolate Lantern also runs drama programmes for pre-school through Intermediate age students. For more information about the creative world of Chocolate Lantern please follow this link.

Annabelle Goffin, Photo by Joshua Baty

Annabelle Goffin, Photo by Joshua Baty