2019 saw our first entry into the vf48 Hours Film Festival, which led to Navi making our first short film. In 48 hours our team wrote a script, shot it, and edited it; it was one thrillingly exhausting ride of a weekend!

Neat film, well produced and boosted by some very good lead performances.
— Liam Maguren

Faith is a Monster Hunter and a Vlogger, she is also pretty positive that her flatmate,Emily, is a Monster.


Produced By: Joshua Baty, Courtney Eggleton, & Dawn Glover

Written & Directed By: Prema Cottingham & Joshua Baty

DOP, Visual Effects, & Lighting: Trajano Leydet

Cast: Courtney Eggleton & Dawn Glover

Editors: Di Davenport & Ian Pearce

Composer: Steven Logan

Sound Recordist: Philip Nannestad

Makeup & Catering: Courtney Eggleton

Costumes: Prema Cottingham & Dawn Glover

Production Assistants & Extras: Mario Hernandez, Joy Lee, Ian Pearce, Emilie Rousseau & Philip Nannestad