Brock's team is just two games away from winning the competition and he believes that clinching the championship alongside his mates is the fairytale end that they deserve before he heads off to the rugby academy. The future seems bright, but how far will he go to make his dream a reality?

Balls 2017 Season


Original core member Joshua Baty brought his first play to the town that inspired the creation of Brock and his team, Papakura. Our season at The Off Broadway Theatre  marked many firsts for Navi: The first time that we have had a show in South Auckland, the first time one of our company created shows has had a second season, and the first time that Josh was in the Director's seat. And what a successful season it was, with the audience on opening night being our largest to date! 

This season of Balls gave us the opportunity to meet and work with new talent and allowed us to introduce ourselves to a wider audience. We are looking forward to seeing what's next for this raw and gritty New Zealand play. Keep watching this space to keep up with the future of Balls!

Playwright: Joshua Baty

Director: Joshua Baty

Producer: Courtney Elizabeth Eggleton

Marketing: Simone Szybowski

Cast: Sally Brady (Girl), Sebastian Dudding (Abel), Samuel Goodger (Toast), Saale LLaua (Brock), Matt Nati (Carlos), Josiah Robertson (James).

Production Assistants: Louis Flavell-Birch, Nicci Reuben, Dawn Glover

Special Thanks: Warrick Baty, Rhys Collier, Tom Grut, Anthony Mitchell

Additional Media


Give Back!

We were honored to be a part of the Blue September Campaign! As part of our season we held a Blue Do and donated a part of our ticket sales to the organization. Blue September plays an integral role in encouraging men to consider and take active care of their prostate health. If you would like to support Blue September on their mission, here is a link to help you do just that.