Brock's team is just two games away from winning the competition and he believes that clinching the championship alongside his mates is the fairytale end that they deserve before he heads off to the rugby academy. The future seems bright, but how far will he go to make his dream a reality?

Navi Collaborative + Balls

With Balls, Navi gave the audience the opportunity to take an in-depth look at New Zealand's infatuation with the game of rugby and how its religious status can affect the lives of those involved. Balls allowed audiences to access an otherwise ‘unseen world’ from the locker rooms.

Balls’ production held an importance for us at Navi Collaborative because it allowed us to bring together two worlds which usually remain separate, sports and theatre. We recognized the potential that core member, Joshua Baty's story had to be an entertaining, engaging and thought provoking experience for theatre and sports lovers alike. We were also excited and proud to bring another original work from our company to an Auckland Stage.

The goal for our debut season of Balls was to reach audiences who wouldn’t normally take themselves to the theatre. We feel that Balls is a uniquely Kiwi play that has relevance to those in and outside of the ‘arts’ world.
Originally a 10-minute piece, Balls has grown up right through its workshop days into a fully developed 90 min stage play that had great success as part of the 2016 Rangatahi Season (‘Emerging Artists’ Showcase ) at Te Pou Theatre in New Lynn, Auckland. Balls received great reviews for its Kiwi humor and rugby worthy raw intensity.


Playwright: Joshua Baty

Director: Dawn Glover

Cast: Jack Barry (Brock), Haanz Fa'avae (James), Christopher Nicholls (Carlos), Taylor Griffin (Toast), Joseph Nathan (Abel), Miryam jacobi (Girl), Richard (Live Drummer)

Crew: Nicci Reuben (Producer), Morgan Bradley (Production Support), Manali Bhatia (Stage Management + Marketing), Ariana (tech)

Special Thanks to Lachlan Justice, Briar Collard, Rhys Collier, Kate Ricketts,  Alex Tarrant and Luci Hare, Scott Cooney, Lizzie Gamst/Paper Bag Baking, Galbraiths Alehouse

Go and see Balls whether you love rugby or hate it. It offers an insight into the off-field culture that isn’t often explored in media. It is a pleasure to see fresh new talent with fire in their belly’s and the passion to make their mark on theatre in Aotearoa.
— Nikau Hindin

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